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Computer Tips

  • Shut down your computer when it is not in use.

  • Use a surge & modem protector to plug your computer or battery back up to plug your computer into

  • Install security software to scan for viruses, spyware and adware.

  • Stay up to date on updates for your PC.

  • Use user names and passwords that are not easy for others to guess (minimum 8 digits) and keep a notebook so that you do not lose them.

  • Back up your files and maintain your computer with regular scans, file clean up, and defragmentation.

  • Take care of any problems as soon as they appear.


Computer hardware to consider: when buying a PC :

Computer Case: The computer case is the "box" that holds your computer system. You can get a tower case or a desktop case. A tower computer case stands upright while a desktop computer case lays flat. You can also get custom computer cases, which are popular with computer gamers.

Computer Processor: The computer processor determines the speed of your computer. The more complex programs your computer runs, the higher the speed needed and the more powerful processor we would suggest.

Hard Drive: Your computer hard drive determines how much space you have on your computer for storage of computer software and files. Some people choose to have more than one hard drive or even purchase an external hard drive. Hard Drive Space is measured in GB (gigabytes) or TB (terrabytes).

RAM: RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is what powers your software and computer usage. If you look at the packaging for your computer software, you will notice the amount of RAM it uses in its system requirements list. RAM is measured in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes).

USB Ports: Most computer accessories and peripherals such as scanners, keyboards, printers, cameras, etc. connect to a computer via a USB cable. You will want to make sure your computer has enough USB ports (places to plug in the USB cable). You will need to think about how many items you plan to plug into your computer. Most new PCs these days come with a minimum of 4 USB ports.


At SLYN Systems, we'd love to personally help you buy your new computer system. We are an authorized PC dealer for Dell, Toshiba, HP/ Compaq, Lenovo & Sony, and we offer a much appreciated personal alternative to Louisville computer stores.

If you're in the Louisville, Kentucky area and would like personal attention with your computer purchase, please contact us.

Congratulations on your decision to buy a personal computer! When choosing a business or home computer, you will need to make some important decisions. Below are some tips to consider when purchasing a new or used home or business computer. SLYN Systems of Louisville, Kentucky would be happy to help you in your computer purchasing decisions.

What will you use your computer for?

Reasons for owning a personal computer for business or home are as varied as the tasks their owners perform. When you're ready to delve into the world of computer sales, you'll want to know what you plan to use the computer for. Some common uses for personal computers are writing and word processing, video editing or movie making, music editing, file storage and backup, internet access, finance tracking, photo editing, graphic design, and web design. Depending on how you plan to use your computer system, you may be able to find a common computer system that already has everything you need, or you may want to have a computer custom built. Custom computers allow you more control over the components included in your computer system.

Do you want a desktop or laptop personal computer?

The tower or the desktop personal computer contains the actual hardware of the computer, which means you will also need a monitor, mouse and keyboard. The tower can lie flat on the desk or table. It can also stand under the desk or table or in a cabinet, while a laptop is more compact and is portable. Where do you plan to use your computer the most? How much space is available for your computer?

New or Used Computer?

When you plan to buy a computer, you will need to determine if you want a new or used computer. Used computers are less expensive, but may also lead to spending more. You will want to make sure the used computer has no prior problems and has the capabilities that you need. When buying a new computer, you will want to consider what exactly you want to use the computer for, so that you choose a computer with the correct hardware, capabilities and software. Another option is to buy a custom built computer.

Type of computer hardware?

What you plan to use your computer for will affect the type of computer hardware you will need. See the list to the left for general hardware to consider for all computers.

Other things to consider:

Depending on what you will use your personal or business computer for, you will need to consider other things like the quality of the sound card, the video card and your computer monitor. If you are going to use your computer for video, you will need to think about things such as a firewire port (for digital video), whether or not you need an s deck (for analog video or to run things from a VCR, cable, etc). If you are going to use it for music, you will need to think about items such as Mic input, headphones and the quality of your sound card.

If you'd like help in deciding what type of components your computer needs, please contact SLYN Systems and we'll be happy to assist you as you buy your next new or used computer.

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Computer Repair and Service

If you're having problems with your business or personal computer and need repair or service, we can help you!

If your computer is still under warranty, you may try contacting the tech support department.

(You can find them in our Tech Support Link Super Center!)

We service computers that are out of warranty. If you have a computer that needs repair and is no longer under warranty, please contact us to see how we can help you with your computer service and repair needs.

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Computer Maintenance

Don't let your personal or business computer fail you by failing to maintain it! Disk clean-up, security scans, defragmentation and updates are all important parts of computer maintenance. Slyn Systems can help you with all of your computer maintenance needs!

Some of these maintenance procedures can be set up to run automatically as long as your computer is on. Here's a suggested schedule for computer maintenance:


Check for security and software updates & Run Security Scans


Disk Clean Up & Check for Errors on Drive

Suggested Monthly Computer Maintenance:

Disk Defragmentation

Computer Training

If you would like computer training to help you better utilize your computer, please contact us.

We can help provide training on the follow computer related items:

Computer Set Up Training

Basic Computer Skills Training

Digital Camera and Photo Editing Training

Digital Video Editing Training

Basic Internet Training

Web Design Training

Basic Search Engine Optimization Training

Computer Maintenance Training

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